January 24, 2021

Dat Cosplay Yo’s 2nd Annual Spooky Shoot

Cosplay Group: Dat Cosplay Yo
Cosplayer: Kitt
Cosplay: Daphne
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Last year, instead of a typical Halloween party, we decided to host a spooky cosplay photo shoot instead. This year we decided to keep that going and it was just coincidental that it became sort of Scooby Doo themed, but it worked out!

Dat Cosplay Yo has been together competing competitively for four years. We started as a group of friends with a common interest in cosplay and it has just grown from there.

Cosplayer: MissFrostage
Cosplay: Velma
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Cosplayer: 10th Muse
Cosplay: Hysteria Alice
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MUA of bloodying up storietellers and Char lady_phoenix_wolf
I joined Dat Cosplay Yo around a year ago. I was lucky enough to be a part of their 1st Spooky Shoot (Dana and I were the Shining Twins) and I couldn’t wait for the second one! Working in an abandoned mall was a really cool experience. We had a ton of space to spread out and lots of different backdrops and environments. The lighting was great and our photographers, Ron Wheeler and Bobby Hitt, worked very hard to use the space to its entirety. Large empty areas, lamps, roll downs, and long hallways. It’s really a great collaborating with such talent! The group itself has always been so welcoming and their excitement is contagious. DCY always has the best ideas for shoots and wonderful photographers that go along with the madness.

Cosplayer: Anna Davis
Cosplay: Sageraw Zombie Cosplay
This year we got to celebrate Halloween early with our friends and do our second annual shoot with Dat Cosplay yo. I was not really sure what to wear since I’m about 6 months pregnant at the time of the shoot, but luckily I had a 1950s zombie cosplay I had previously worn at a Dallas Mavericks theme night. The makeup itself took a little over an hour to do, and was mostly comprised of latex and toilet paper for the wounds and then a cream makeup to add brushing and bleeding effects. I also used a charcoal toothpaste to make my teeth look decayed. I loved working with the photographers Bobby and Ron, they always get such great shots and the after editing they did really helped make my cosplay look even more zombie like. They are both so talented and I always enjoy working with them.

Cosplay: Velma
Cosplayer: Dayzee
Our Halloween shoots are always so much fun. It’s great to see what spooky characters we can come up with and see each others creativity. I’m so glad it’s a new tradition we can all enjoy and have fun with!

Cosplay: Daphne
Cosplayer: Callula Cosplay
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MissFrostage (Velma) and I recently bought these sweaters because they’re our respective favorite colors and designed by Elhoffer Designs, whom we both admire. A friend pointed out that they would lend well to cosplaying Daphne and Velma. We thought that sounded fun and nostalgic, so we used our sweaters to create modernized versions of these beloved characters. It was even more fun being among friends who were cosplaying the classic versions of these characters, so we got to be silly during the photoshoot.

Cosplay: The Ice Cream Villain
Cosplayer: Luis
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As someone who is a bit newer to the cosplay scene and cons, I I haven’t been to many shoots or worked with tons of photographers. But since I’ve had the pleasure of knowing “Dat Cosplay Yo” I always look forward to the Spooky Halloween Shoot! This years shoot was such fun day that was filled with all sorts of shenanigans and great photographs. For the shoot itself there was never a specific theme, but it was kinda hilarious how we had two sets of Scooby Doo cosplays that made for great & interesting dynamics in the photographs. Bobby and Ron are spectacular to work with, they have a bunch of ideas of what they would like to shoot and are always open and flexible to the ideas and poses we have in mind. For someone who hasn’t really been in alot of shoots, it’s great having the direction of photographers like Bobby and Ron who came up with some great poses and used our location to take some wicked shots! The cherry on top is always the fun laughs and great time we have during the shoot because of all the people there.

Cosplay: Shaggy
Cosplayer: Jarvan
My friends in Dat Cosplay Yo were preparing to do their 2nd Halloween photo shoot, and I wanted to come this year for the first time, but didn’t know what to wear. They told me some of them were going to be the cast of Scooby-Doo, and told me I had to come as Shaggy. I’m not personally familiar with the show, but I always got called Shaggy even by strangers back when I used to have longer hair. So, because I’m apparently naturally a Shaggy and I was motivated by my friends’ energy and excitement for the shoot, I agreed to participate. Dayzee got me the shirt and pants, and Kitt gave me the wig, and so I was set.

The shoot itself was a lot of fun. I love abandoned spaces, and we got to shoot on the empty side of the Plano Antique Mall. Ron and Bobby are very chill and great photographers and made the experience enjoyable. It was basically just hanging with friends and being silly and creative, plus holding still sometimes and a camera flash. I can’t wait for next year’s Halloween shoot.”

Cosplay: Scooby
Cosplayer: Phoenix
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Always a blast! Seeing great friends, making new ones. Creating costumes and coming together with some amazing photographers to really bring our images to life! Really couldn’t ask for a better time!

Cosplay: Witch Monika
Cosplayer: Fiery Wolf Cosplay
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I have been an affiliate member of Dat Cosplay Yo since 2017, so I’m usually on board for shoot ideas. When we decided to have a second annual horror shoot, it was just too irresistible for me to pass up! These events are always such a blast, because we really go all out and have a lot of fun with them.

For this particular cosplay, I decided to take a bit of artistic license. I was introduced to Doki Doki Literature Club last year when some of our group had a small Markiplier watch party, and it’s something that’s been in the back of my mind for a while. I mean, who doesn’t like the idea of an evil A.I.?

The school uniform would probably have been fine, but to add a Halloween twist, I imagined what Monika would look like as a witch. One dress, a wig, and a trip to Halloween spirit later, and boom, instant cosplay! I’m pretty satisfied with how the idea came together.

One thing I always love about our events in DCY is the spontaneity that goes into them. We take ideas and run with them, which usually leads to some great results. Our photographers are great about rolling with it, so there are a lot of laughs and encouragement all around. The work the photographers put into these photos is admirable, and I really appreciate their time and effort. I really look forward to seeing what we come up with in the future!

Cosplay: BeetleJuice
Cosplayer: Cynder0_o
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This was our second annual halloween shoot and it’s been so much fun both years. It’s a great way to pull the local cosplay community together. The shoot gives us a chance to meet new local cosplayers in a more relaxed environment than a convention. It’s an open invitation, the only request is that you wear a halloween centered or horror costume. Both Bobby and Ron have attended both years as our photographer and they do great work and are a lot of fun to work with. We hope this even continues to grow through the years and become a great tradition in the community.

Bobby Hitt – Firebird Images

Ron Wheeler – Ronald the Bald

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