January 24, 2021

Getting to know Christina Ammel Cosplayer

Christina Ammel:
Cosplay: Penny Wise

Cosplay Questionnaire

01) What name do you go by as a cosplayer?
I go by my actual name, Christina Ammel, but I am trying to come up with a name that I can use as a cosplayer.

02) what is your location (around about)?
I live in Houston, TX, so I try to stay local, but I have been out to a couple of conventions in Austin. I try to go out to other cities within the state when I can afford it and if it doesn’t interfere with my everyday schedule.

03) How long have you been cosplaying?
I have been cosplaying for 10 years, soon to be 11 once March passes.

04) In your journey what has inspired you to start cosplaying and what inspires you to keep going?
I’m not really sure what inspired me to start cosplaying, but I’ve always been fond of dressing up in costumes. When I chose a character to cosplay, I have recognized a trend that I cosplay characters that either 1. I personally relate to character or 2. I feel that a character doesn’t get enough attention and deserves to be recognized. I continue to cosplay because it allows me to express myself by representing a character that I personally feel is an extension of myself.

05) What Social Networks do you use and what are the cosplay names for each one?
I do have Facebook, but my Instagram page is strictly for cosplay and art purposes. The name I have for my Instagram is the_lady_pennywise, but I am trying to think of a new name as a cosplayer and to retitle my Instagram page.

06) How did you make/where did you buy your costume?
The first version of my cosplay of Varian the Alchemist from Tangled: The Series was half & half (half hand made and the half was bought). As of right now, I am currently in the progress of making my own cosplay of Varian by hand, which will be more identical to his design and color palette in the TV series.

07) How much time was spent making your costume?
Honestly, I do not keep track of most of the cosplay pieces I work on. Since I do not own a sewing machine (I will soon) and I had to sew by hand, the one piece I have currently made took me about a week to finish. The first version of Varian’s cosplay was made between the span of the summer and fall of 2018. I have been invited to be a part of a Tangled photoshoot for a cosplay magazine in April, so I plan on having the newest handmade version of Varian’s cosplay done beforehand.

08) What materials did you use for your costume?
The materials I mostly use are cotton and poly-cotton, but there are some pieces that have been made out of canvas, faux leather, and a major piece for another project I am working on will include poly-satin.

09) What part of your costume was the hardest to make?
I wish I could say that the face mask was the most difficult, but I had that piece commissioned. Even though it wasn’t too difficult, I would have to say that the black coat was the toughest piece, because I had to apply more separate pieces.  

10) How comfortable are you in your costume?
It is very comfortable to wear during any season, but when I’m wearing the coat (which is made from a raincoat just in case of rainy weather) it can get pretty warm, so it is more comfortable to wear during the colder seasons than a warmer season.

11) What site did you get your costume/materials from?
I only had to buy 3 things for my costume from an online website: my black leather gloves and a black raincoat, and the wig. The gloves and coat came from Amazon, and the wig is supplied by Arda Wigs.

12) What are you cosplaying and where is it from?
The character’s name is Varian, and he is a 14-year-old amateur alchemist from Tangled: The Series

13) Why did you pick this cosplay?
Like I had mentioned from an earlier question, I picked this character because I personally connect with his character, and I also like to cosplay male characters more than females (I feel more comfortable and safer).

14) Do you have a special connection to the character?
I really do feel a strong connection to the character, because we are both extremely passionate with the gift and talent we possess, always willing to help, a loyal friend, and have a darker side of our personalities that nobody would suspect or think would be possible of us having.

15) Tell us about the series/game/movie your character is from?
The series he is from is a TV series that continues the story of Disney’s Tangled (2010). It is just a show full of different adventures and stories, but has a meaning and message to deliver in each one.

16) Would you recommend this series/game/movie to other people to enjoy?
I would recommend this show to any animation junkie, Disney and/or Tangled fan because it not just a bunch of randomness like most carton shows are nowadays.

17) Is there another character from this series/game/movie you would like to cosplay or already have?
I do not wish to cosplay any other character from the series, but there is a fan theory for Varian that has inspired me to create a new design for a custom cosplay to make for him.

18) Is there anything you would like to add or comment about your cosplay or from your experience?
After feeling a personal connection and highly relating to the character, creating a cosplay for him was a must! After some time, I even got the chance to perform his character at a state renaissance festival recently, which was a fun experience that I hope to do again soon. I even have grabbed the attention of one of the creators of the show on Instagram. I did not expect what has already happened and will happen soon, but I am glad for all that I have gained and hope to do more with this character.

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